The current list of services are NOT covered by Manitoba Health and will be the responsibility of the patient to make payment unless otherwise specified.  

The clinic does NOT direct bill 3rd party insurance companies unless otherwise informed.  

The clinic accepts cash/debit/credit & cheques made payable to the physician

Sick Note/Medical Certificate - $25

Non-Insured Visit (out of Country, without medical coverage) - $40

 Does not include the cost of lab work or additional services, prescriptions etc

Twinrix / Hepatitis A / Gardasil Injections (price does NOT include cost of prescription)

 Initial Visit/Counselling & 1st Injection $30

 Follow Up Vaccinations $20/each

Shingles Injection - $15

Not including cost of prescription

Letters - Starting at $25

No Show Fee - $35 to $50

Pre-Operative Physical - $75

 For cosmetic or dental procedures only.  Will be covered by Manitoba Health if the surgery is covered.

Driver's Physical Examination - $100

Attending Physicians Statement - $50

Return to Work Form/Modified Duties - $25

Handi-Transit/Parking Permit Application - $20

Disability Tax Credit - $100

Certificate of Fitness/Athletic Physicals - $75

Nursing/School Entrance Form - $75

 Including cost of all office visits, NOT including any injections you may need

Chart Transfers  - $15 + .30 cents per page printed

All fees are charged at the physicians discretion

If you require any clarification please call the clinic and speak with the billing clerk at 204-897-9666