River West Medical Centre

Walk In Clinic

 Open all hours of operation - No Appointment Needed, first come first serve basis

  •  Depending on how busy the clinic gets we may stop taking patients at any time of the day

  •  We cannot give out wait times.  The clinic has two physicians working with the walk-in clinic during the day and both have scheduled appointments throughout that will take priority.  

  •  Walk-in clinic hours can change last minute due to physician availability, it is always recommended to call before coming down to confirm we're still accepting patients. 

Our doctors provide medical treatment for most common acute problems through walk in clinic.  We will also look after driver's physicals, preoperative assessments, WCB claims, abdominal pain, prescription refills and minor cuts/injuries.   

We do not perform routine physical examinations in our walk-in clinic, please schedule an appointment with your family physician.  Tasks such as paperwork/forms will be done at the discretion of the physician.

Please note that walk in clinic is not intended for urgent care.  If you have an emergency please dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.  Examples of matters for urgent care would be; severe chest pain/shortness of breath, heart attack, severe head injuries, major burns, seizures, uncontrollable bleeding, drug or other poisoning, loss of consciousness, severe abdominal pain, severe allergic reations

Visit www.medimap.ca for up to date wait times or call the clinic at 204-897-9666

Family Practice

Our doctors strive to provide the best possible care that they can for every one of their patients.  Currently we have three (3) full-time family physicians; Dr Maged Sidra Gerges, Dr. Yvette Todary Fahmy, Dr. Ashraf Mekhail, as well as a consulting general surgeon Dr Gerald Clayden.  Unfortunately our practices are full for the moment, as time goes on our physicians will re-evaluate their patient loads to ensure they can provide proper care to all of their patients.  If you are searching for a family physician in your area please register with the Family Doctor Finder at 204-786-7111.

Travel Medicine

For patient's wanting to get the Twinrix Injections (Hepatitis A & B) for travel purposes, please note that this is a non-insured service and not covered by your provincial health plan.  Their will be costs associated with the visits as well as the prescription. For more information please contact the clinic or see our Non-Insured Services page.

My Health Team

My Health Team Clinicians are available to family patient’s at the clinic, you can find their information in Our Team page.


In house pharmacy convenient for all your prescription and OTC needs; please call the pharmacist directly at 204-885-3232 with any questions you may have.

Non-Insured Services

Not all medical services performed are covered by your provincial health plan.  Fees are set with the assistance of guidelines that are provided by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Manitoba and the Medical Association. Payment for services rendered can be made in office by cash/cheque/debit or credit.  In the event that you are unable to provide payment, please speak with your physician prior as we may be able to make alternate arrangements.

Some of the most common un-insured services are; sick notes, driver's/athletic physicals, parking permit applications, Twinrix and Gardasil vaccinations, attending physician statements and chart transfers.  Please contact the clinic for more information on pricing.


Please contact us if you have any questions about the services we offer